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Security advice for students living away from home

For most young people, starting university and living in shared student accommodation is their first real experience of independent life. So, how can you keep your stuff safe and sound when you’re out living the student life? In this article we share 4 security advice for students.


Lock Your Doors!


Burglars are generally opportunists and an unlocked door or open window can be very tempting for a passing thief. Make it a house rule for everyone that the front door to your student house is kept shut and locked at all times, especially at night.


In a shared house, all the bedroom doors should have separate locks. However, it’s still a good idea to ask your landlord if you can ask a locksmith to change your door lock when you move in. You don’t know who the last occupant was or who they gave spare keys to; a new lock and set of keys will give you peace of mind.


Lock Your Windows


Most large student houses have bedrooms downstairs. Make sure that your windows have locks fitted to them and that you keep the keys hidden. If your windows don’t have locks, ask your landlord to get a local locksmith to fit them for you.


Back It Up and Mark It


Your laptop is not only an item of monetary value, it probably also contains all your university work. Make it part of your daily routine to back up your work onto a memory stick or to the Cloud, just in case something happens to your laptop.


When you’re out of your room, never leave your things out on display, especially your phone, laptop or keys.


It’s a good idea to mark your most valuable items so that they can easily be identified as yours if they are stolen. You can do this is by writing your postcode and phone number onto your stuff using a UV pen. You can obtain a marking kit and further advice from your local police station.


Get the Help of an Affordable Locksmith


Student life is brilliant fun, but don’t fall victim to sneaky thieves. If you’re about to start studying at university in the Leicester area and you’re moving into student accommodation, contact us at J G Locksmiths for more advice on how to keep your room and new student home secure.



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