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Keep Your Keys Safe This Christmas

christmas tree in house

Christmas is a time to relax and spend time with family... But unfortunately, it's also the time of year where intruders will seek to take advantage.

Every year sees an increase in reports of break-ins and burglaries during the festive period. That’s because not only are there far more valuables in your home (everyone loves presents!) but also, people tend to be a little more relaxed when it comes to home security. Although this is a sad reality, there are a few simple ways you can ensure you keep all of your presents safe and sound under your tree – away from any potential intruders.

Keep on top of your locks!

It’s always top of the list of any locksmith’s advice. And for good reason! Forgetting to lock your home – even when you’re in – can drastically decrease the security of your home. Mainly because a potential burglar could just walk right in! Ensuring all of your windows and doors are locked at night before you head to bed is an absolute must.

Out of sight, out of mind...

Although it’s always a wonderful sight seeing presents under the tree, if your tree is visible from the outside, it might be worth only putting the presents out for as short a time as possible. That way, they won’t be on show for any potential intruders to see before the big day! Even if it’s just a case of ensuring the curtains are always closed at night, keeping your presents hidden not only stops the temptation for your kids to open them up early – but also any potential intruders!

Be careful what you post on Social.

If you’re heading away over the Christmas period – whether you’re staying in the UK or going abroad, it’s not always wise to post how long you’ll be out of the home on any public space – be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Unless your account is private, of course.) Home security experts will always recommend that you don’t specify how long you will be out of the house in these spaces – as realistically, you’re almost posting an advert to potential intruders that your house will be completely vacant during those times.

Make it look like someone's home.

Christmas is always a busy time of to-ing and fro-ing, visiting family and friends, so understandably people often aren’t at home all that much. If you aren’t going to be in, it doesn’t hurt to leave a light on, or set one on a timer so as not to use as much electricity. Still though, making it seem like someone is in at all times – especially late at night – will help to deter any potential burglars who might want to make off with your Christmas loot. 

All in all – have a Merry Christmas and if you need a locksmiths in Leicester then be sure to give us a shout


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