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Home security whilst you’re on holiday

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When you go on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is how safe your home is. You want to be able to enjoy the sun, explore the surroundings, and make the most of time with family and friends. But with a recent article in the Guardian suggesting that crimes such as burglary had recently increased by around 10%, home security during holiday periods is becoming a more prevalent issue.


With crime on the rise, how can you ensure your house stays secure when you can’t be there to keep it safe? Following some simple advice could be the difference between you returning to a happy home, or returning to an invaded space.


Keep it locked.


Simple things such as ensuring all windows and doors are effectively locked, and secure, could act as a significant first point of deterrence for potential burglars. It’s easy to forget about the small bathroom window upstairs, but if an opportunist were to spot it they wouldn’t hesitate to take the chance. Before you leave, check to make sure your locks are the strongest they can be, and if you have any concerns, speak to a qualified locksmith who can advise on the best possible options.


Make it look lived in.


If it seems obvious that there is no one on the property, then burglars are more likely to break in. Setting house lamps on plug-in timers in more frequently used rooms – bedrooms and living rooms are popular choices – will allow lights to be switched on and off at a pre-selected time every night. This will automatically give the impression of someone being in the home.


Cancelling any pre-planned deliveries will also prevent an unsightly build-up of catalogues, post, or packages on your doorstep – a clear giveaway of your absence.


If you’re still concerned about your homes safety, let your trusted neighbours know. They can check in every now and then, park on the drive, and pick up any piling post. Simple things that can prevent your home from seeming unoccupied and unprotected.


Keep a car on the drive


If you don’t need to take your car with you, it might be worth leaving it on your drive to suggest to potential burglars that someone is still at home. If you were to do this, however, ensure that your keys are kept safe, and no valuables are visible within the vehicle. The last thing you want is to encourage the potential theft of your car.


Take a social media break.


As much as we all love to post our holiday snaps, be very careful what you put on social media, or send to friends. Your followers might love to see what you’re up to, but it could also be letting more unsavoury characters in on the fact that your house is empty. Taking a social media break, unless absolutely necessary will not only allow you to enjoy your holiday more, but it will also prevent the public advertisement that there is no one at home.


Set the alarms.


The final step to ensure your house is as secure as possible before you leave, is to make sure your intruder alarms are set correctly. If a burglar is able to enter your home, an intruder alarm will automatically alert your neighbours, and possibly even the police, of their presence.


J G Locksmiths is a Leicester-based, locksmiths providing a reliable and personal service for all who need us. Our priority, is your family’s protection, which is why all of our locksmith engineers are fully trained and knowledgeable in up-to-date product options. For any further advice on protecting your home, contact J G Locksmiths today.


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