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Entrusting your child with a house key


Entrusting your son or daughter with a house key for the first time is a momentous occasion. From a parent’s point of view, this is self-confirmation that your ‘baby’ is growing up fast. From your child’s perspective, they’ll feel like they’ve arrived at adulthood.


Don’t be so hasty


However, while giving your child a house key is something you must inevitably do at some stage, it shouldn’t be rushed into.


Kids can have several moments of absent-mindedness on an average day. And while that’s fine most of the time, the stakes are raised when a split second of absent-mindedness results in their house key going missing.


A worry you could do without


Such moments of carelessness could lead to a local locksmith being needed, and that’s one of the best case scenarios. In the worst case scenario, where your child has lost their key but can’t even guess where it might be, the possibility of changing locks comes into the equation. For all you know, it could have fallen into the wrong hands.


The best way to introduce your child to owning a key is by leaving the key in with a neighbour. Explain to your child that it’s their key and allow them to feel all of the responsibility that comes with it.


A trial run

However, inform them that they are only to access it in the event of being locked out. When you’re at home, you’ll happily answer the door.


This is a positive introduction to responsibility for your child and it could prevent the heartache associated with loss of house keys. Further down the line, when you have peace of mind, give them a key to keep.


In the unfortunate event of your child being locked out, JG Locksmiths will handle the situation with professionalism and sensitivity. Be sure to have our number in your phone in case the time arises.


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