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3 Tips to strengthen access security at work

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The security of your business is a constant concern. Whether you work in a warehouse or factory environment, or simply an office block, you need to know that your livelihood is protected, and sometimes standard lock systems just don’t cut it. Enhancing your lock strength and property access security provides a solid first line defence against potential intruders, and also impacts the safety of you and your staff.

There are a number of ways that you could look to improve the security of property entrances and lock systems, and here are a few options that may be perfect for you and your business.

Access Control

Introducing a specialist Access Control system could subsequently have multiple security benefits that you may not have previously considered. To begin with, it prevents any unauthorised personnel from entering the premises, increasing security for your staff members. Equally, if you work in a dangerous environment this system will ensure that the general public are kept safe.

Access Control systems come in a variety of types dependent on the level of security that you’re in need of. Security handles with integrated electronic locking, for example, offer keyless locking for internal doors. Alternative systems may also be able to help you identify who exactly is entering your property, and at what time. There are multiple options when it comes to choosing an Access Control system, so ensure to consult with the professional closely when looking to find your perfect solution.

Anti-snap locks.

If you’re looking to simplify building access for authorised key holders, whilst also looking to deter potential intruders from your property, an Anti-snap lock may be the ideal solution for you. An ‘Inside Out’ report from BBC Yorkshire, in 2012, found that the standard Euro profile cylinder locks could easily be broken in seconds, allowing burglars to enter the property without difficulty. It also revealed that they are among the most common cylinder fitted. The report focussed primarily on domestic properties, however this does not mean it is not an issue in the commercial sector also.

If you are uncertain about the security of your lock, a risk assessment may be worthwhile, however installing an anti-snap lock system is easy to do, and worth the peace of mind. Anti-snap locks such as those provided by Ultion, can easily be fitted to both PVC windows and doors, meaning you don’t have to fork out any additional cash on an entirely new range of windows and/or doors.

Master Key system

Implementing a Master Key system offers your business the added security of being able to control who exactly can enter different areas of your premises depending on their security clearance. This is very similar to an Access Control system, but simplified. As the business owner, you will be provided with a key that can access all areas of the premises, whilst also providing access to specified zones for permitted key holders.

With different key’s required for different zones, and the master key held by yourself, you are able to strictly control who may be able to access certain areas of your business premises, dependent on safety considerations, or even to secure high-value products. This system also acts as an excellent deterrent against potential intruders.

JG Locksmiths in Leicester are fully certified in fitting lock security systems designed to increase the security of your business premises. We don’t just deal with door locks, and we won’t be beaten on price and quality. We can even conduct a security survey with a selection of trustworthy recommendations to suit your business needs. For more information on any of our services, contact a member of the team today on 01163 962825.


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