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Top Home Security Devices in 2019


Looking for the best in home security?

At JG Locksmiths we’re always looking for new ways to help you feel safe and protected in your home. That’s why our security experts have put together a list of our top home security devices of 2019. Take a look:


SimpliSafe is a relatively new security system for the UK, but it’s already gleaned a shining reputation in the US for its affordability and flexibility. They don’t tie you in to long-term contracts, and their base plan starts at around £12.99/mo. 


However, even the top plan SimpliSafe offer is still cheaper than a night out on the town! Plus, it comes with multiple extra features. At £19.99/mo, SimpliSafe includes police dispatch, mobile access and live video. 


SimpliSafe also lets you custom build your security system, but the starter kit is certainly suitable to keep a smaller flat secure. Unlike most starter kits, it also comes with an indoor video camera you can connect to via your phone. This way, you can always keep an eye on your home and verify whether there’s any sign of trouble. Or, you can always use it to keep an eye on the dog while you’re at work! 


Find out more about SimpliSafe here.

Yale Sync

If you’re looking for a more complete security system and aren’t worried about a little extra cost, the Yale Sync is a brilliant choice.

This system can be completely customisable and DIY, allowing you to choose exactly the right equipment package to suit your home security needs – from smart home devices like keyless smart locks and Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

Starting at around £229, the Yale Sync doesn’t require any monthly recurring fees, but this does come at the cost of professional monitoring of your system. Despite this, however, the Yale Smart Living line offers plenty of additional security measures.


Verisure is certainly not the cheapest option when it comes to monitored home security, but with its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, it’s hard not to recognise the brilliance of this system.


They offer solid customer support, automated monitoring with rapid response times, and flexible packages that allow you to customise your equipment to suit every home.


Verisure’s monitoring and security plans start at around £42.00/mo. However you’ll often need to ring to get a quote depending on your property type, equipment and features required. 


Find out more about Verisure here.

Do you have a lock emergency? Don’t panic, JG Locksmiths are here to help! Damaged or faulty locks are an unnecessary risk to the security of both you and your, as well as the contents of your home and business.

If you need an extra set of keys quickly or have recently moved house and want to replace your keys and locks then look no further. We can provide you with an extra set of keys quickly and at an affordable price.

We aim to respond to any service within the hour, allowing you to get on with your day. This is one of the many reasons that we have been recommended by Leicestershire police and clients in and around the area.

There’s nothing more important than assurance that your premises are secure and safe. That’s why we give a reliable and professional commercial locksmith service to ensure that your business is protected.


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