Dear friends of BSP.

Sound the bells for we are officially making a new album. We would like to do it a little differently this time and also, to push ourselves further than before. To make something truly special in these precarious times. We would like to begin the process in a new way, with your help from the very beginning. You can fund this venture by pre-ordering our most magnificent box set of all. One that does not exist yet, but will, and in the fairly nearish future. There will be a limited number available and it will contain everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Well maybe not everything, but lots of music, very special artwork and some other pretty good items to boot! All in all, a beautiful relic to behold……

Most of all it would mean a lot to us to be able to make this record solely with the help of fans of our music, and all the friends and characters that inhabit and appreciate the world of British Sea Power.

It is a journey to a destination without a fixed time of arrival. Not unlike a common modern day train journey you may say. The difference being that this is in fact probably cheaper and the rewards for your patience will ultimately be much greater and no doubt more reviving to one’s soul.

Get involved now and let’s get going.