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Why preparation is key if you get locked out

With our increasingly busy lives, most of us probably wouldn’t give a second thought to what would happen if we got locked out of our home. Yet, sparing a few moments to give this consideration, and having a plan in place, can be less stressful if this becomes reality.

Key considerations

Consider giving a spare key to a trustworthy neighbour, or friends and family who live nearby, so that if you get locked out accidentally, you have the reassurance of knowing you can still get back into your home. Avoid leaving a key under the doormat or a plant pot, as this is too risky.

Research locksmiths

Don’t just rely on using the spare key if you get locked out, however. If the person who is holding the spare key is out or away on holiday, this isn’t going to be very helpful if you need to get back into your home. As a backup, research locksmiths in your area and make a note of their details in your mobile phone, so you can contact them if you get locked out.

Look for a reputable locksmith who can offer 24-hour callout, and a swift response time. You’ll save yourself time and hassle doing this preparation work beforehand. Make sure you always take your mobile phone out with you, even for short trips, and keep the battery levels topped up.

Don’t give yourself cause to get locked out

Think about why you might get locked out. If you might forget to take your keys with you, place a key holder near the door so this won’t happen. Put keys on a big, chunky keyring, which will prevent them from getting lost. If the lock on your door is temperamental, get it fixed, so it doesn’t get permanently damaged further down the line.


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