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UPVC Door Locking Problems

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Yesterday was a busy day at JG Locksmiths. The first job was a UPVC door that would not lock when our customer was on her way to work. From when our local locksmith in Leicester received the call, to our engineer arriving on site was 30 minutes. The door was UPVC and upon inspecting, we could clearly see that the door was not in line with the frame. This is a regular problem that can occur with this type of door which can sometimes be caused depending upon weather conditions.


For example, if you have your patio doors left open in the summer for the duration of the day, the heat from the sun can cause the doors to swell. If this happens, the locking mechanism will not marry up to the keep on the receiving door. Luckily the majority of doors (not all) have adjustable hinges that can manipulate the door to make the fit a lot easier. This job was a simple fix and with a few turns, the hinges lifted the door and the door was able to close.


Our customer had been given our number by another customer of ours who had wanted a local affordable Leicester locksmith company and who picked us and was a very satisfied customer. Having been in business for over ten years now J G Locksmiths have built up a great customer base with a lot of repeat business. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and all our work and parts are guaranteed for 12 months giving customers peace of mind. Whatever your lock issue is please do not hesitate to give us a call to obtain a free no obligation quote. Call our mobile 07846962825 to talk directly to a Leicester locksmith and not to a call centre.


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