Sun is shining on the Locksmiths

I’m here to offer advice at Leicester locksmiths, as I write this I notice that I have the living room  window wide open, the patio doors held back, is the  front door unlocked? No it is not, but many people do leave the door unlocked even today, it takes a burglar seconds to open your door, reach in and grab whatever they can whether it is your car keys, your phone or hand bag please don’t be that victim!

A couple of pointers– if you have a UPVC door – install a Leicester sash jammer sash jammer, then even if the door isn’t locked  – you can  pull it down behind you and you’re safe in the knowledge someone cant just walk in! Another good pointer is, don’t  leave your keys on show , I have on many occasions seen tweets from Leicestershire Police about cars keys being  stolen that have been left in view by front doors, or even left on the inside of the door. Move those keys, put them  somewhere safe or even hide them.

Finally – if you are going to leave everything wide open, get a door alarm detector – this is a  piece of kit that makes  a noise when the door is opened, this could be very annoying if you have visitors in and out all of the time, but  handy if you want to keep your valuables safe!

For any more advice, or to hear what  services we at the Locksmith in Leicester can offer, feel free to call.


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