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Here at J G Locksmiths, we have mentioned in the past the importance of your storage. Many of our customers have a garden shed or a garage that they use to store all their garden equipment and tools safe and secure away from the prying eyes of potential thieves. Here at your local Leicester Locksmiths, we can advise and also supply and fit extra security to both to your shed or garage in the form of specialist garage door locks or even extra hasp and staple on the shed bolted through with a high security all weather padlock. Also if you keep expensive hand tools we would also recommend fitting a separate tool safe in your garage as secondary security.


The team here at J G Locksmiths would now like to talk to you about the storage inside of your home or office. Keeping your valuables such as jewellery or laptops or even passports and so forth out of sight when not used is, of course, a must. And something that the Leicester locksmiths team would highly recommend overall is getting a home safe fitted. This way you can keep the most valuable items in your possession hidden away out of sight and in a secure place in your house as a safe can be and will reduce the risk of losing these your most precious things.


Should you require any advice on the type of home safe that is suitable or if you have a small business looking to keep your takings for the day safe at the closing time do not hesitate and,  feel free to get in touch with our locksmiths Leicester team here at J G Locksmiths.


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