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New year, new start? Don’t neglect your locks!

Beginning the new year with a deep clean of your home? Perhaps a declutter session or even some redecoration? How about that dodgy lock that has been playing on your mind…?

Tighten up on your security this new year

Maybe you’ve noticed that your lock doesn’t quite seem right – the key is hard to turn, the lock doesn’t catch properly, or it just seems difficult to operate.

Imagine for a moment the misery of your lock finally failing completely, plunging you into the hassle of emergency calls to locksmiths and potentially leaving you stood out on the cold, dark street, unable to gain access to your home. Worse, this could be your employees trying to open up or close down your premises, or if you’re a landlord, it could be your tenants.

This image of a decidedly poor start to 2017 can be entirely avoided by taking precaution. JG Locksmiths are here to provide an exceptional service of unrivalled value to promptly check your locks and repair or replace where necessary.

We will not be beaten on price or quality and are fully certified to industry standards. Your security is of paramount importance to us and all our team members are fully trained, vetted and carry identification. Entire costs will be quoted in advance and there will be no call-out charge. Furthermore, each of our parts and all labour come with a reassuring 12-month guarantee.

Take precautions this new year

Another way to pre-empt disaster before it strikes is to check your locks throughout your home or business premises. If you would like to take advantage of a more thorough examination of your home or business security, you may wish to consider our security survey, a comprehensive service carried out by highly qualified professionals adhering to NNAL (Institute of Certified Locksmiths) guidelines. This doesn’t just mean you’re less likely to be stranded with a faulty lock, it also helps stop intruders getting into your home and taking valuables and causing destruction.

Whilst it may be tempting to focus on the positive renovations and changes that can be made to your home to welcome in the fresh new year, don’t neglect the crucial element of security. Peace-of-mind is one easy step away to ensure you, your staff or your tenants aren’t left out in the cold this new year.

Contact us today to arrange a visit from one of our efficient experts at a time to suit you – and, in a case of emergency, it’s also good to know we can be with you within 24 hours.


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