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Commercial Door Issues

commercial door leicester

Here at J G Locksmiths, we have been called to such a variety of jobs whether this be domestic or commercial we have covered it. Our Locksmith in Leicester have such a vast knowledge of locks and how they work and we ensure we keep ahead of the game by updating our knowledge on a regular basis. One of the many issues that we are called to here at J G Locksmiths is shops or businesses having trouble or issues with their metal shop front doors.


With regard to this type of door, there are three main problems that we come across. Firstly the main locking cylinder malfunctioning, this is the part where you would insert the key. The three main cylinders that we find on metal doors are the common euro cylinder, the not so common oval cylinder and then lastly the circular screw in type cylinders. We will always have these types of cylinders on our vans so the job will always be completed the first time when we attend ensuring that you will keep the costs down.


The second issue we find is with the locking case in the door. This is the part that is the cylinder fits into, these also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are either dead bolts, hook bolts or simply pull back latches. Here at Leicester Locksmiths again we will have this stock on our van. The last item which many people would not associate with locksmiths are the internal transom door closers inside the metal doors. This is the part that controls the speed the door will close safely.


These will often break and here at J G Locksmiths, it is something we can supply and install for you. This is a more complicated job and generally takes two of our skilled engineers as the door has to physically come off. But rest assured we can complete this job and all our parts and labour are guaranteed. So if you need a quote then please don’t hesitate to contact our local locksmith in Leicester who can attend and advise you as to the best course of action for your issue.Please call J G Locksmiths on 0116 3400131 for immediate attention.


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