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Locksmith Scams: How To Protect Yourself

Beware! Locksmith scams are a real issue. Here's how to spot them.

When it comes to choosing a locksmith to help secure your home, it’s important to ensure you find a trustworthy locksmith to prevent getting scammed. Fraudulent locksmiths may make false listings on Google or elsewhere in order to trick you into calling, usually without a real website, or by using a fake address.  


But a locksmith scam isn’t just getting a bad deal. Not only could you be overcharged for a simple job, but it could mean that your home is not actually as secure as you may at first think. Rogue locksmiths have been known to replace quality locks with sub-par quality locks that may put your property at risk. After all, the rogue locksmith is just looking for a quick buck.

Check their website.

First up, it’s important to have a quick leaf through the potential locksmiths’ website and/or google reviews. That way you can discern exactly how reliable and trustworthy a service they provide. For example: take a look at ours! We have nothing to hide. And that’s how it should be! A “locksmith” who doesn’t seem to have any reviews, or absolutely no website, despite claiming to be a reputable, established locksmith may not be telling the truth.

Look up the company address.

Giving the company address a quick Google definitely won’t go amiss. That way, you can check if there are any other business’ that share the same, or simply whether or not there is a company registered there at all. Obviously, if there isn’t – it’s perhaps time to find another locksmith.

Request I.D. and Certifications on arrival.

If you’ve got this far, you still can’t be too careful. All of our locksmiths are required to carry I.D. and NNAL certifications so you know you’re dealing with an official member of our team – who has been vetted, checked, and approved by the National Network of Approved Locksmiths. And that will always be the case with an official, trusted locksmith.

Following these simple steps will ensure you’re always dealing with a reputable locksmiths, whether you’re looking locally in Leicester or elsewhere. Of course, for locksmiths Leicester you can always just choose us! But whoever you choose – make sure you make a smart, informed choice. Stay safe!


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