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One recent news report stated a locksmith in Brisbane has contributed to a massive crime drop. A company has so improved the various locks, burglary has dropped by 49% and property crime by 31%. That’s a quite a dramatic difference!


It goes without saying that your locks are important.Here at Leicester locksmiths it is our priority to prevent break-in attempts and to ensure that we reinforce your security, a lot of the time understandably this is taken for granted. After all, when you get home and turn the key, 9 times out of 10 times everything goes smoothly. A broken lock or lost keys are not only annoying, they cause anxieties about our security.


The same goes for our car locking system. Lost, stolen or misplaced keys hugely inconvenience anyone desperate to get home. If we end up locked out after a long tiring day, nothing is more frustrating. For an affordable locksmiths in Leicester, don’t hesitate to contact JG Locksmiths. Whether you have faulty locks, lost or stolen keys or are simply locked out, we are keen to help.


We guarantee total peace of mind every time so if you require a 24 hour emergency service, simply call 07846 962 825.


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