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Locked Out? Here’s What To Do

Find yourself locked out of your home? Don't panic - a professional locksmith can help.

Are you locked out of your home without a spare key or any way to get in? A locksmith can help you re-enter your home without damaging your locks or door.


Firstly, don’t panic. Being locked out might feel like a tough situation, especially on your mental health. But there are many ways you can get quick assistance.


Get in touch with an expert locksmith, such as ourselves. A locksmith will be able to provide ways for you to enter your property without risk of damage to your locks or property. They will be able to replace your keys and locks. Most locksmiths will generally operate 24 hours a day – so you can get assistance when and wherever you need.


Make sure your locksmith is local. It might seem like an obvious point, but the more local your locksmith, the quicker they’ll be able to get out to you. Our team covers the whole of Leicester and Leicestershire, and as such can be with you within the hour to any of these locations.


Check for any hidden charges. It might be the case that your local locksmith offers extra charges for emergency callouts. It will be well advertised if a locksmith doesn’t add these charges, so take a look through their website or ask a member of staff. There’s no need to add any extra stress to an already stressful situation. As such, we don’t charge any extra charges for callouts.


Following these simple steps will ensure you’re always dealing with a reputable locksmiths, and you’ll be able to get back into your home with minimal fuss. Of course, for locksmiths Leicester you can always just choose us! But whoever you choose – make sure you make a smart, informed choice. Stay safe!


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