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Bespoke Master Key Systems


A master key system (also called a Master Suite system) is a perfect solution that we here at J G Locksmiths provide for offices, landlord owned multi  properties, schools and flats. Broken down in to simple terms this is a key system that is a high security bespoke locking  system where one master key  can open every  door. This is something that our Leicester locksmiths have vast knowledge of and together we can plan and build the perfect master suite  system that will suit your need.


A good example of how this works would be in a serviced office where a number  of companies share  the building, each tenant requires a key to their  office. However, the landlord does not necessarily want to have to keep a set of hundreds of keys so that he/she can gain access to every single office.  This is now where we can come in and help you with this issue by providing a suited system.


Here at J G Locksmiths we  work out together with the landlord who needs access and  to where, and then we would design, supply  and install a Master  Suite system to the requirements agreed. Each tenant would then be given a key that allows them then to gain access only to the areas required, such as the main entrance and their own individual office within the building. The landlord’s key can open all the doors and he/she has full and total control over the system.


These systems can be made on what we call restricted key systems, the  main benefit of this system in the above description of works is that  the tenants cannot have extra keys cut without the landlord’s permission. The keys are only registered with us, and the manufacturer so therefore they can only go through us and we would require your permission.


To find out whether a Master Suite system would be right for your situation, please call us on our Leicester number 0116 3400131 for immediate attention.


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