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With the stresses of the modern day it is  easy to forget about something so little and seemingly unimportant as your keys, or the lock to your home or office. But here at  JG locksmiths Leicester we see the importance of looking after these items, not only due to practicality, but to save you from having a moment of panic and stress when the locks or keys malfunction. The reason we bring this up, is that often here at JG  locksmiths Leicester  we see locks that have broken due to lack of servicing whether this be a quick clean and spray with oil or a door adjustment that is needed. Sometimes the reasons are not due to any specific fault or miss care, however JG  locksmiths Leicester  understands that it’s still stressful to you the customer. Of course our 24 hour emergency locksmith service is always available, and with rapid response times we work to be with as quickly as possible, but there are a few things which could be thought of in order to make this type of scenario less likely.

So here at JG  locksmiths Leicester we would like to bring your attention to your keys and your locks. Working to prevent this type of scenario it is good practice to keep a spare key available with a friend or family, this is also something which will save you from the expense of calling out a locksmith so it’s always a good thing. Secondly, JG locksmiths Leicester can help you make sure that you lock is in good working order and well serviced, so as to prevent wear and tear, as well as give you peace of mind when opening the lock, every time. This is, of course, something we can also help you with here at JG  locksmiths Leicester, so why not call us today and speak directly to an engineer.


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