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Is it time for a home security check up?

First the good news: burglaries to homes in England and Wales for the year ending June 2015 fell according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. Now the not-so-good news: there were 750,000 reported domestic burglaries in that period, which is still too many by any standards and a distressing experience for the householders who fell victim to this type of crime. Of course, your chances of having your property burgled will vary depending on where you live, but whether you’re a town or city dweller or live in the country, none of us – at least statistically speaking – can afford to tell ourselves “it’ll never happen to me”.

You won’t be surprised to hear locksmiths telling you it’s important to make sure you have good locks fitted to all doors and windows of your home, including outbuildings, but that’s only telling you something you already know. In our experience, most homeowners in Leicester do take home security seriously. But it’s a bit like out attitude to our general health: you’ve cut down on salt and sugar, quit smoking and take regular exercise, and while all of the above will help to keep you healthy, only a regular check up will detect some areas you still need to work on or reveal an underlying problem, such as high blood pressure.

Our security survey is a bit like a health check up for your home or business. Everything may look fine on the surface, but we check for security vulnerabilities that could pose a risk to you and your property. The survey doesn’t take long and is carried out by one of our professional locksmiths. Your existing security may be perfectly adequate as it is, or we may recommend you improve something – either way, your check up will tell you all you need to know. Contact us today to see how we can help you get rid of those potential underlying security issues.


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