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Do You Have Insurance Approved Locks?


Here at J G Locksmiths, we have spoken about UPVC doors and the types of locks that are suitable, now we are going to discuss the types of lever locks we can supply and fit the wooden door. Mortice locks are a very common lock and many homes and businesses around Leicestershire have these fitted.


This type of lock is operated by a turn of the key that enables a bolt to lock into the strike plate or keep that is mortised into the receiving frame. Mortice locks have to be manually locked and unlocked and provide better security than most night latches when they are attacked. Here at J G Locksmiths your local Leicester Locksmiths we carry the full range of mortice locks, they generally come in three options and various sizes and finishes to suit your own individual circumstances.


The first and most basic is the 3 lever mortice lock, either dead lock or sash lock, these are generally used in low-security situations and provides a basic security protection. These locks generally should be fitted to internal doors such as bedrooms, storage cupboards and any other low-security internal doors. You should not use this type of lock on your main doors to your home or business as they are very low security.


5 lever mortice locks are an upgrade to the 3 lever locks. Firstly, they are higher security and more robust. Due to the increase in the number of levers the locks are higher security as they offer more key combinations. A lot of the 5 lever locks can also provide extra security features like an anti pick, anti-saw bolts and boxed strike plates.


The highest rated mortice locks and the ones we at Leicester Locksmiths recommend are the 5 Lever British Standard (BS) mortice locks these are rated to BS3621 and are required for external doors to a property and it is this type of lock that is generally required by insurance companies to qualify for contents insurance.


All the BS deadlocks have the anti-pick and anti-saw security features with an extended 20mm bolt throw that locks into a steel boxed security strike plate fitted to the frame. These locks also have a hardened steel plate that helps protect the levers from a drill attack they also have a security curtain that helps protect against someone picking the locks via the keyhole. If you are not sure if you current locks are BS3621 rated for insurance then please call your Leicester locksmiths to come round to complete a free security survey and provide a free quote if work is required.


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