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How to secure your home while you’re away

When you leave your home unattended for weeks at a time, how can you not worry? Yet isn’t that the very reason so many of us have for getting away in the first place.

Fortunately, there are many affordable security measures you can take before you leave home and many steps you can take to ensure your family’s security. Here are just a few of the hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech:

Hi-tech door locks

Keyless locks offer incredible security features, from being Bluetooth-enabled to the ability to see from your smartphone who is actually knocking at your front door. Many allow you to give access by simply inputting a phone number, or sending a text.


Automatic lights are generally inexpensive and easy to install. For indoors, set up internal lights on automatic switches. For outdoors, install lighting on timers or solar switches. Pay special attention to entrances.

Advise trusted and friends and neighbours

It’s an excellent idea to advise your closest friends and neighbours of your travel plans. Leave them the number of a reputable locksmith, your own contact details, a spare set of keys and the PIN code for the alarm. Try to arrange for someone to drop by on a regular basis and if necessary, pay your babysitter or a trusted teenager to:

• Close and open curtains, adjust blinds
• Remove junk mail and newspapers from porch or walkway
• Switch lights off and on
• Move cars and bicycles
• Water plants and the lawn (if in summer)

Stay off social media

Make sure no one in your family announces travel plans! And don’t “check-in”, or post photos while away. Of course, you want to share your holiday snaps, but wait until you are home safely before posting your photo album. This is also the time to monitor your kids’ social media accounts to make sure they haven’t announced to the whole village when and where your house is empty!

Cancel or suspend services

Be sure to cancel or suspend grocery, newspaper, milk and pharmacy deliveries while away from home. Also, check all upcoming appointments, even in the days before and after your time away to cancel or reschedule any appointments you may have booked (hairdresser, dentist, etc.) during your time away from home.

We hope you’ve found our tips helpful for the next time you leave home on holiday. For more on securing your home, please contact our local Locksmiths today.


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