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How to handle being locked out on a bank holiday

Whether you’ve just returned from a holiday or you lost your keys on the way home from the pub, few experiences induce panic more than being locked out on a bank holiday. Fortunately, there are ways to stay safe and make sure you get back into your home promptly.


Get in touch with someone who may have a key


Before you start to panic, think about whether someone has a key. If you have roommates, see if they’re around to help, contact parents or friends who may have spares or double check with a neighbour you may have left a key with in the past.


Make sure little ones are comfortable and safe


If you have kids with you and they’re starting to grumble, consider finding a neighbour who is willing to watch them while you resolve the situation. While older children are less likely to become frantic, younger kids can cause distractions, which may make you panic and worsen the situation.


Check for open windows


If there’s a window that’s open and safe for you to climb through, use it. However, avoid using windows that are particularly high off the ground or that are likely to break, as they come with a risk of injury.


Contact a Leicester locksmith


When all else fails, contact a Leicester locksmith. 24-hour locksmiths are available on bank holidays also, which means you don’t have to worry about gaining access to your home. In addition to helping you gain access to the house, your Leicester locksmith will provide you with a replacement key. Be prepared to show ID and proof of your right of access to the property, such as a bill sent to you at that address in recent months.


To ensure you don’t face getting locked out on a bank holiday in the future, leave a key in a safe place, carry a spare in your purse or wallet, or leave one with a neighbour who is frequently around. In doing so, you should save yourself a lot of stress.


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