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Home security – more than just locks

Home security is one of the most important facets of our everyday life. Our homes are more than just somewhere we sleep, they hold all of our important and sentimental items and of course our loved ones.

The first and most important part of home security should always be your locks. Choosing a reputable locksmith to replace all the locks on a property once you have moved in should be your first priority. You should have a high quality burglar alarm fitted with concealed wiring to protect your home whilst you are away.

Beyond these two very vital steps there are many others you should take to further protect your home from thieves.

Always set your alarm when you leave the house

The number of people who own a perfectly good burglar alarm and fail to set it because they are just “popping out for half an hour” is baffling. Beyond the fact that life frequently throws unexpected events at us and that half an hour could become three hours, it only takes a few minutes for a burglar to get into a house, grab what they want and get back out. You might very well find that your insurance company will not pay out if you failed to set the alarm.

Secure sheds and garages

Although there may not be anything of significant value in your garden shed, it will no doubt contain tools that would aide someone in breaking into your house. Ladders must always be chained up for the same reason. Don’t find yourself in the position where you have provided a burglar with the tools he needs to rob you.

External lights

External lights are a great way of increasing the safety of your home – they are inexpensive and simple to fit and provide a significant deterrent to burglars. Motion sensitive lights are not only more environmentally friendly, they can also give quite a fright too, and they light up any intruders approaching your house.

When on holiday

Always arrange for a friend or neighbour to clear any mail away from your front door, as it is highly suggestive to a potential thief that they will be uninterrupted. Automatic timers on lamps give the impression that someone is home and will certainly make a would-be robber think twice and move on elsewhere.

Locks are the foundation of, but not the full extent of home security. Talk to us about a security survey on your home to see how together we can increase house security for you and your family.


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