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Do you require a good Leicester locksmith? Locksmiths are often one of those services you never think about. That is, until you need them! Whether your lock is faulty or broken, nobody wants to be left out in the unpredictable British weather. If this has happened to you then it is likely you will have the number of a local Leicester locksmith in your phone, however if you do not then as the boy scouts say “be prepared” put our number in your mobile now it is 07846962825 this is our hour emergency response number that will put you directly through to our local Leicester engineer and NOT a call centre.


Door locks are hard-working bits of equipment. Imagine how often you go in and out, particularly on a busy day. Made of many tiny and intricate parts, it might be surprising that they don’t go wrong more often.

So what causes a broken lock? As one might expect, the causes are myriad. If you can put the key in the lock but it refuses to turn, this usually means it’s seized up. The often happen because dirt or grime has got caught in the mechanism. Weather stripping can also cause a lock to break. Cold weather is another culprit; when the weather is practically sub-zero it might be best to heat your key.


Whatever your issues, don’t hesitate: just give JG Locksmiths a call today. Based in Leicester, our first class locksmith  services aim to give you complete peace of mind.

Talk directly to our locksmith engineer now if you have any lock issues in the Leicestershire area.


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