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Burglary – A Leicester Locksmiths advice

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Over the last ten years working as a Leicester locksmith I have come across many break ins, both to homes and commercial properties. It is always sad to see victims of crime especially people who have had their own homes broken into. The feeling of someone going through all your private belongings in your own secure safe place is hard to get over. In a lot of the cases people then decide to “up” the security of their property.

It is always easier to look back in hind sight and see what you should have done. The correct way to deal with your home or business security ids to be proactive and look at your security before you become a victim and change this to reactive.

Lock Snapping

One of the main ways I have seen burglars break in to homes is by a now widely known modus operandi of lock snapping. The criminal will snap the lock on your front or rear door and thus gain access to the main workings of the mechanism and gain entry. There are so many products on the market now to prevent this. The first being anti snap cylinders that will snap off before e the mechanism and lock the cam in place. You can fit these and then a set of security handles to make the job even harder for the criminal. You want the criminal not to target your home,, they will always be looking for the easy option. We supply and fit Ultion locks which are secured by design and recommended by the Police and locksmiths alike. The Ultion lock is approved by British standards and has the kite mark of excellence, it is accredited with the highest 3 star rating.

Open or insecure windows

So many times especially during the summer months, I have attended a home and someone has gained entry through a ground floor window left open. Once inside the house keys and car keys are stolen.  Always lock the windows on the ground floor. If you have windows open on the second floor use window restrictors to prevent the window being fully opened. Fit window locks to the ground floor windows, we carry a wide variety of makes for all Upvc, wooden or aluminium, windows. On Upvc windows check the beading is on the inside of the window. If it is not then the beading can be removed and then the pane of glass and this has happened.

Sliding Patio doors

This is another favourite of the criminal. They are nearly always found at the rear of the property out the way of the main road usually in the dark and out the way. Criminal’s use tools from the victims own shed or garage to break in, sometimes lifting the doors out of the runners. You can fit patio bolts to the doors to prevent this happening at a relatively cheap price, please ring for a quote.

General Security Advice

I would always advise to fit an alarm to your home or business, make the house as bright as possible with security lights so it catches people approaching your property. Think of CCTV cameras -these are relatively cheap now and can be connected to your smart phones so you can check your home while you are out and about. Join the neighbourhood watch or get one started with your neighbours so you all look out for each other. Contact your local police and ask to talk with the crime prevention officer for further advice as his will be up to date on any local issues.

For a free security survey please do not hesitate to give us a call at JG Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmith.

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