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door release wiring

Along with residential work, JG Locksmith is proud to boast a very close working relationship with Sales and Lettings companies and Property Management companies.


This week we attended an emergency call out in Leicester on behalf of one of our Property Management companies.


On this occasion it was reported that one of the door locks to the communal areas had been tampered with resulting in it being insecure.


On arrival on site, it was clear that someone had removed the fixings to the electric door release. This has resulted in the jaw of the release falling backwards into the frame meaning that the door could not be secured.

This sort of damage is not common however has happened previously on this site.


Unfortunately, on both occasions the persons responsible had removed screws, and had taken them away from site. These screws/bolts (not being of regular size/dimensions) had to be fashioned by JG Locksmiths engineers on site with the only other alternative being to replace the unit which would have been costly.

This was a difficult task, and an unusual task, but one which we succeeded with.


Our Engineers arrived on site within 45 minutes of the initial contact from the Property Management company.

We were then able to re-fit the electric release to the frame and check its workings before leaving the residents with a fully working, and more importantly, safely securing door.


Whilst on site we checked all other doors to ensure similar faults were not present. Nicely it was just this door.

door release wiring
fixed door lock release

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