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5 tips to prevent and cope with getting locked out

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No matter where you live there’s always a risk of getting locked out. Maybe you left your key in another pocket, maybe you lost your key while you were out, maybe you just nipped out to grab the post and the door shut behind you. However you end up in the situation, it can be stressful, time-consuming, annoying and even frightening. Not only can getting locked out be very irritating, it can even prove dangerous in some situations. Follow these simple tips and tricks and you will prevent getting locked out where possible, and ensure you know what to do should the worst happen…


Assess your situation


The first thing you need to do when you’re locked out of your home is to assess the situation. Did you leave the oven on, or the water running? Is your child trapped in the house alone? If there is any kind of emergency situation brewing in the house, you need to focus on getting back inside as quickly as possible. In these situations, breaking into your own house may sound extreme, but it’s the fastest way to turn the oven off or get back to your child. The trick is to choose the least expensive method – a small window that will allow you to reach the latch on the door is usually the best option.


If there is no emergency and you have a little more time, you can afford to handle things a little better…


Contact your landlord


If you rent or live in any kind of communal building with a manager who has a spare key, get in touch with them immediately and ask them to let you in. It’s a good idea to check with such individuals that they do have a spare key, so you know they have it in the event you need it. Make sure you have a direct phone number for them on your phone.


Call a locksmith


If there is nobody with a spare key, you want to avoid breaking a window to get in as much as possible – it’s expensive to replace them and you could injure yourself in the process. Calling a locksmith is your best option. A locksmith can quickly and easily open your door for you. They can also cut extra keys for your existing lock, or change the lock completely if need be.


Distribute keys


Once you have spare keys, distribute them among trusted people who live close by. Friends, family and neighbours are all good people to leave a spare key with. The closer they are to your house the better.


Hide keys


Squirrel away some spare keys in safe places like your wallet and glove compartment. Don’t put them under doormats and plant pots, or on top of light fixtures – these are very obvious places thieves look when trying to break into someone’s house. Invest in a key hider, or hide the key inside any object that isn’t an obvious hiding spot. For example, rather than hiding it under a plant pot, bury it several inches inside the pot itself.


If you need an emergency locksmith in the Leicester area or you’d like a home security survey to see where thieves could gain entry, contact us at JG Locksmiths today.


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