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Burglaries increase 10% during the summer


The warm summer months are typically associated with a sense of relaxation and time away on holiday. However, it is also a period when there is a notable surge in burglary incidents. With reports indicating as much as a 10% increase in break-ins during the summer season, it is critical for homeowners to be extra vigilant in safeguarding their property.

The Correlation Between Fine Weather and Residential Theft

The combination of extended daylight hours and the common habit of leaving windows and doors slightly open for air circulation presents burglars with more opportunities to carry out their criminal activities. Alongside this, the summertime is a peak season for holidays, which means houses are often left unoccupied for prolonged durations, thus becoming attractive targets for potential burglars looking to exploit the absence of residents.

The Importance of First-Rate Locks in Discouraging Burglars

Burglars are typically on the lookout for an easy target. Well-made, reliable locks on windows and doors provide a strong initial barrier, frequently discouraging would-be thieves from even attempting a break-in.

Investigating a Variety of Secure Locking Mechanisms

The market presents a plethora of secure locking mechanisms that cater to various requirements and preferences. Deadbolts are celebrated for their robustness and resilience, whereas smart locks provide modern conveniences such as the ability to control access remotely and tailor entry codes to different users.

The Crucial Function of Alarm Systems in Property Defence

Alarm systems are an integral element of any comprehensive home security plan. They can not only alert the homeowner and neighbours to a potential intrusion, but the visible presence of an alarm system can act as a deterrent in its own right.

CCTV Systems: A Diligent Surveillance Method to Discourage

Closed-circuit television systems enable constant surveillance, keeping an ever-watchful eye on a property. The capability to record footage and monitor activity remotely assists not only in deterring criminal actions but also helps identify intruders should an offence occur.

Integrating Intelligent House Technologies for Superior Protection

Employing intelligent house technology in security protocols provides enhanced protection. Automated lighting, movement detectors, and smart surveillance apparatuses can simulate the presence of individuals at home, dissuading burglars from targeting a seemingly occupied residence.

Essential Advice for Reinforcing Your Residence This Summer

For reinforcing one’s home during the warmer months, it is recommended that property owners keep plants and hedges well-trimmed to eliminate possible concealed spots for burglars, ensure that all points of entry are securely locked and take into account the deployment of timed lighting solutions to give the appearance of someone being present.

The Positive Consequence of Sturdy Domestic Security

Implementing firm security precautions not only guards a property physically but also positively affects the mental well-being of its inhabitants. The confidence in having a well-protected home can offer residents peace of mind, particularly during times of increased vulnerability, such as while on holiday.

Local Endeavours and Neighbourhood Vigilance Collaborations

Engaging in local projects and neighbourhood vigilance programmes can amplify security within a community. Collective input in reporting any unusual behaviour and exchanging pertinent information can significantly bolster defences against burglars, yielding a more secure environment for all.


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