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Faulty-Locks-1Look no further as J G Locksmiths have a superb reputation for being the first locksmith in Leicester to call for immediate attention, giving you the customer complete peace of mind.

JG Locksmiths have been providing locksmith services to the people of Leicestershire now for over 10 years along with over 15 years security experience prior to setting up the company. The company over the years has gone from strength to strength and now have a good solid base of regular customers both domestic and commercial.

Being a local Leicester locksmith company we are able to respond to any call within the hour so you will not be waiting long for attention allowing you to get on with your day, it is for this reason we have been recommended on several occasions by Leicestershire police.At JG Locksmiths in Leicester we pride ourselves on providing solid security solutions to all our customers; both domestic and commercial.

There’s nothing more important than for you to know, without a doubt, that your premises are properly secured and safe. That’s why we give a reliable and personal locksmith service to ensure you, your family and your home or business are all protected – alongside our sterling after sales care for added peace of mind.

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JG Locksmiths Leicester

JG Locksmiths are your local locksmiths for Leicester and throughout the whole Leicestershire area. We are a small company who give a reliable and personal service for all of your lock and key problems.

Whether you're locked in or locked out we can help with our 24-hour Leicester locksmith emergency service, give us a call now on 07846 962825.

It's not just door locks we deal with we provide window locks also and we specialize in UPVC doors both locks and mechanisms.

Being a local Leicester locksmiths company, J G Locksmiths pride ourselves on providing solid security solutions to all our customers; both domestic and commercial.

There’s nothing more important than for you to know, without a doubt, that your premises are properly secured and safe. That’s why we give a reliable and personal locksmith service to ensure you, your family and your home or business are all protected – alongside our sterling after sales care for added peace of mind.

All of our locksmith engineers are fully trained and up to date with all the latest products on the market. We have all the stock on board our vans so aim to complete at least 95% of all jobs in one visit, therefore keeping costs down.

We are a professional and reliable company who are committed to great customer service. so for immediate attention call our Leicester locksmiths now on 01163 400131.

We won’t be beaten on price or performance

Our prices are competitive and we feel confident that we can beat any other quotations you may have been given elsewhere. Value for money is hard to come by, that’s why we strive to deliver the best customer service and highest quality work, at the best price possible.

JG Locksmiths in Leicester is a member of the National Network of Approved Locksmiths. This means everything we do, from security surveys to any work performed on your property, adheres to a set of stringent guidelines established by the NNAL. These guidelines offer assurance to the public and any organisation using our services:

  • Non-destructive methods are used wherever possible
  • BS3621 Locks are always offered. These are deadlocks, which provide added security
  • Members are trained, vetted, carry I.D. and are periodically assessed
  • Prices are fair, quoted in advance and offer good value
  • Unlike many companies, we have public liability insurance up to the value of £5 million
  • We give a full 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour

Our service range is very broad and we offer a wide variety of affordable solutions for all your security requirements. For a full list of our services you can find it by clicking here or alternatively, please get in touch on 01163 400131.

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How to choose a reputable locksmith

When you’ve suddenly found yourself locked out of your home, finding a trustworthy and reliable locksmith who can quickly and efficiently solve your dilemma will be a top concern. But what should you consider when choosing a locksmith?

It is always a good idea to make note of a reputable locksmith before you actually need one, as this means you can research your options more thoroughly, rather than having to hire one on a whim.

Many locksmiths build their reputation on word of mouth, so ask around – see if friends or family have any recommendations they can pass on. Find out how long the locksmith has been in business, and if they come with any worthy accreditations or testimonials.

If a locksmith is licensed by a relevant trading body, such as the Master Locksmiths’ Association (MLA) or the National Network of Approved Locksmiths (NNAL), this is a good indication of quality standards and expertise.

It makes sense to choose a locksmith who is as local as possible, for the sake of convenience, but also because if you contact a national company, you can’t be sure who will be given the job. Local businesses also tend to offer cheaper rates than national firms.

It goes without saying that you should choose a locksmith that offers a 24-hour call-out service in the event of an emergency, but also research if a locksmith offers a specific response time. Ideally, you want one that can be with you within the hour.

Before you decide to hire a particular locksmith, make sure they have given you a clear indication of what you can expect to pay for the job. Some locksmiths may slap you with a call-out charge on top of their services, so choose one that doesn’t do this, and has transparent costs.

If you’re looking for a reputable locksmith in the Leicester area, why not consider JG Locksmiths? Call us today on 01163 400131 for all your lock needs.

Lock and Key Catastrophes

If you get locked out of your house, lose or break your keys or are generally worried about security, there’s no need to worry.

Locked out? Don’t panic!

We know the stress of locking yourself out of the house. A simple oversight or breakage is all that it takes, and then your day is completely disrupted. The main thing is to remember that everything is not lost! Keeping a cool head and calling a locksmith is all that it takes. We can be with you quickly, and will ensure that we do our best to keep costs down when we do arrive.

Security issues

If you have an older property and are unsure of its security, the worry can be more lasting and subtle than the sudden blow of being locked out. It is very important to be proactive in such instances, and have your property looked at before it’s too late. Whilst burglaries and the like are relatively uncommon, they do happen – arranging a survey for your property can provide peace of mind for you, your family or your staff. These can also be arranged quickly and easily, so there’s no need to let a survey loom over you!

JG Locksmiths provide Leicester with 24/7 services, and can be with you in an hour. We will also use non-destructive or damaging methods as often as we can. Our staff are trained, vetted and fully assessed, and carry ID, so you needn’t worry about their identity or credentials as well as getting back into the house. Our BS3621 deadlocks are always offered in the aftermath of a lock change, which provide further security and preventative measures against it happening again. On top of this, we provide an advance quote on costs, and offer fantastic value on our 12 month guaranteed services.

Photo: Key by dewitt licensed under Creative commons 2

Well Done to Team GB

Well as most of you are, as well I am totally hooked at the moment on the Rio Olympics and most of all how well Team GB are doing! The reason I know how many people are watching the games with me is everyone of my customers I have visited today are talking about how well we have done, especially in the cycling and the swimming. A big shout out to Adam Peaty who is just over the border of Leicestershire into Derbyshire and to the Team GB cyclists lead by Sir Bradley Wiggins if any of the team call us here at JG Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmiths we will offer an Olympic discount for your amazing efforts. Now I have given my dedication and thanks to the Team GB I will offer some great summer tips, firstly if you want to keep your windows upstairs open but  are scared because you have children then why not try Jac-Locks these allow you to have the window open and keeps it shut enough so someone cannot fall out or even get in. Do Not leave downstairs windows open at night when you go to bed and Always lock your front door if you are sat out the back in the garden enjoying the sun to prevent any sneak in burglaries! If you have any  lock issues at all or just need some advice then call J G Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmith who will be more  than happy to help.

Sun is shining on the Locksmiths

I’m here to offer advice at Leicester locksmiths, as I write this I notice that I have the living room  window wide open, the patio doors held back, is the  front door unlocked? No it is not, but many people do leave the door unlocked even today, it takes a burglar seconds to open your door, reach in and grab whatever they can whether it is your car keys, your phone or hand bag please don’t be that victim!

A couple of pointers– if you have a UPVC door – install a Leicester sash jammer sash jammer, then even if the door isn’t locked  – you can  pull it down behind you and you’re safe in the knowledge someone cant just walk in! Another good pointer is, don’t  leave your keys on show , I have on many occasions seen tweets from Leicestershire Police about cars keys being  stolen that have been left in view by front doors, or even left on the inside of the door. Move those keys, put them  somewhere safe or even hide them.

Finally – if you are going to leave everything wide open, get a door alarm detector – this is a  piece of kit that makes  a noise when the door is opened, this could be very annoying if you have visitors in and out all of the time, but  handy if you want to keep your valuables safe!

For any more advice, or to hear what  services we at the Locksmith in Leicester can offer, feel free to call.


Expert Advice | Locksmith Leicester

JG Locksmiths Leicester keys

With the stresses of the modern day it is  easy to forget about something so little and seemingly unimportant as your keys, or the lock to your home or office. But here at  JG locksmiths Leicester we see the importance of looking after these items, not only due to practicality, but to save you from having a moment of panic and stress when the locks or keys malfunction. The reason we bring this up, is that often here at JG  locksmiths Leicester  we see locks that have broken due to lack of servicing whether this be a quick clean and spray with oil or a door adjustment that is needed. Sometimes the reasons are not due to any specific fault or miss care, however JG  locksmiths Leicester  understands that it’s still stressful to you the customer. Of course our 24 hour emergency locksmith service is always available, and with rapid response times we work to be with as quickly as possible, but there are a few things which could be thought of in order to make this type of scenario less likely.

So here at JG  locksmiths Leicester we would like to bring your attention to your keys and your locks. Working to prevent this type of scenario it is good practice to keep a spare key available with a friend or family, this is also something which will save you from the expense of calling out a locksmith  so it’s always a good thing. Secondly, JG locksmiths Leicester can help you make sure that you lock is in good working order and well serviced, so  as to prevent wear and tear, as well as give you peace of mind when opening the lock, every time. This is of course something we can also help you with here at JG  locksmiths Leicester, so why not call us  today and speak directly to an engineer.

A Busy Day | Locksmith Leicester

Leicester locksmith busy day Yesterday was a busy day with a steady stream of calls for broken locks from the bank holiday weekend. Here at J G Locksmiths we are open over the holidays and for emergency call outs out of hours so please call for a quote or for some advice. Our first call of the day was to fit extra window security to a property in Leicester.All the windows were UPVC so this was a simple job for us which we were able to complete in the first visit. Our Leicester locksmith engineers recommended that sash jammers were fitted to downstairs windows and the customer also wanted lockable ones, which was no problem at all. Upstairs we also fitted jack locks to the children’s room, this is a lock that allows you to open the window so far to let in the fresh air but you cannot fully open the window. The next job was a jammed UPVC door, this is something that we here at J G Locksmiths specialise in. The owner had gone to open up French doors to the garden and realised that the key was turning to unlock but then the handle was not unlocking the door, it was rigid and would not move.We had the door unlocked and open within 30 minutes and found that the gearbox on the mechanism had broken. Here again we managed to supply and fix a new gearbox to the door in the first visit therefore keeping the costs down for the customer. The next job was in the Leicester city centre at a local cafe that were having problems locking and unlocking the door. This was a more complicated job as the door was metal with what we call a hook bolt on it which was powered by a screw in cylinder. We realised that this was the locking case and not the cylinder so we had to supply and fit a new adams rite locking case to the door. The customer was happy as they did not have to change the lock which meant him and all his staff would have had to have new keys. We then managed to fit some dinner in! but we then went onto to two more homes in the afternoon to upgrade customers euro cylinders to snap safe cylinders, as we are local Leicester locksmiths we know about the rise in cylinder snapping by criminals, so please call us today for some free advice and a no obligation quote t upgrade your security.

Local Tradesman | Locksmith Leicester

Leicester locksmith trustedJ G Locksmiths have been serving the people of Leicestershire now for the past 10 years, and over this time we have built a good reputation for being honest, affordable and at all times professional. Being a local Leicester locksmith company and not a national call centre we are able to respond quickly to calls and be with you the customer within an hour of your call. All our locksmith engineers are fully trained and have the most up to date tools on the market. All our vans are fully stocked and this means that the majority of jobs we attend we can get completed in the first visit therefore keeping costs down. We will also give you the customer a fixed price for the job before we start. What this means is that you the customer know exactly what you will pay up front and you don’t have any nasty surprises. A lot of the company’s around, will charge customers b y the hour so the longer they are with you the more you will pay! this is not a good feeling as you stand and watch the clock worrying how much your final bill will be. When you call you can say exactly where you are and we will know as we have a good local knowledge, unlike some companies who are not even based in Leicestershire. Please do your research and by all means call us for a quote but feel free to call other companies. If someone beats our like for like quote call us back and we can price match and we will provide you with 12 months parts and labour guarantee as well. So don’t hesitate call J G Locksmiths now your local Leicester locksmiths for any lock issues you may have or for the advice you need.

uPVC Door Locking Problems

Locked out leicesterYesterday was a busy day at J G Locksmiths. First job was a upvc door that would not lock when our customer was on her way to work. From when our local locksmith in Leicester received the call to our engineer arriving on site was 30 minutes. The door was a UPVC and on looking at the door we could clearly see the door was not in line with the frame of the door. This is a regular problem people have with this type of door and sometimes it is weather dependant. For example in the summer when you open your patio doors onto your lovely sun drenched garden,at the end of the day when you come to lock the doors they will not lock as the sun has caused the doors to swell and move so the locking mechanism will not marry up to the keep on the receiving door. Luckily the majority of doors (not all) have adjustable hinges that can manipulate the door to make the fit a lot easier. This job was a simple fix and with a few turns the hinges lifted the door and the door was able to close. It was also a lot easier than it had been apparently according the the customer. Our customer had been given our number by another customer of ours who had wanted a local affordable Leicester locksmith company and who picked us and was a very satisfied customer. Having been in business for over ten years now J G Locksmiths have built up a great customer base with a lot of repeat business. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and all our work and parts is guaranteed for 12 months giving customers peace of mind. Whatever your lock issue is please do not hesitate to give us a call to obtain a free no obligation quote. Call our mobile 07846962825 to talk directly to a Leicester locksmith and not to a call centre.

Patio Door Security

Leicester locksmith french doors With the warm weather fast approaching here at J G Locksmiths your local locksmith Leicester we are preparing  for the many calls we will receive from customers wanting to open their upvc French doors onto the garden. Of  course these doors have been secured and kept locked during the cold winter months and sometimes the doors can  move and the internal locking mechanism can seize up. Here at J G Locksmiths we specialize in upvc locking  mechanisms both gaining entry to jammed doors and replacing gearboxes or full length locking strips. We carry a  wide variety of locking mechanisms and gearboxes on our fully stocked van. What this means is that we can  complete the majority of our jobs in the first visit, therefore keeping costs down and also giving you peace of mind  and causing the least amount of disruption. All our parts and labour comes with a full 12 months guarantee giving  you further reassurance. J G Locksmiths are a  local family run locksmiths who have been in business now for over  10 years building up a large satisfied customer base. Why not ask one of engineers to complete a free security  survey on your property and check all points of entry and see if the security on your home or office requires any  upgrading. Our Leicester locksmith team is always ready to help and between us all we have over 30 years of crime  prevention and security experience that we can use to offer you the best advice available when it comes to security  for your property.We now offer snap safe diamond rated euro cylinders which are one of the best cylinders on the  market today, and if required we can have the cylinders all keyed alike so one key fits all of the locks on your home  or business. This is also available for larger business’s or schools where we can master suite your entire building keeping the amount of keys down to a minimum and also use restricted key systems. This means we are the only ones who can get any keys copied for you giving you added sense of security knowing no one else is able to get the keys cut elsewhere. Please call us here at J G Locksmiths for immediate attention and if you live within the Leicestershire area we will aim to be with you within the hour.

Busy Weekend | Locksmith Leicester

Locksmith leicester pickingWell it has been a busy weekend here at J G Locksmiths, A lot of people losing their keys this weekend. First call on Saturday morning was fo r a Leicester city centre shop who had managed to get into the shop to open up, but unfortunately the key was stuck in the lock and would not come out. As we are a local Leicester locksmith company our engineer was onsite within 30 minutes of receiving the call. The job was easily rectified and a new lock had to be fitted due to a twisted cam on the euro cylinder, luckily our fully stocked vans also have key cutters and we were able to cut 14 extra keys onsite at the same time. From here we travelled to a town on the out skirts of Leicester to supply and fit from scratch a new night latch to a wooden door to add a little extra security for peace of mind. Again straight from here we were called to a student house in Leicester to a common call out by students to gain entry to their room having left the keys inside and shutting the door behind them. e were able to gain entry quickly and no need to change any locks and no damage caused. Being trusted Leicester locksmiths our company name has been passed from student to student and we get a lot of repeat business for being quick, professional and competitively priced. The afternoon was filled with booked in jobs for lock changes and upgrades for people who work all week and this being the most convenient time to call. Then back home for a break. Just had one call out in the early hours of Sunday morning fro a couple who had lost their keys whilst in Town then straight back home. No early calls on Sunday so a chance to catch up on some sleep, but then early afternoon back out again to a couple who were going out for dinner to celebrate mothers day when their upvc door mechanism jammed! We were able to supply and fit a new gearbox there and then as our locksmith vans are fully stocked. The couple managed to get away within 45 minutes and did not miss the meal. So please do not hesitate to call J G Locksmiths for immediate attention on 01163400131 for a professional affordable service giving you peace of mind.

Extra Home Security

Leicester locksmith sash jammerWe receive a lot of calls here at J G Locksmiths with regard to extra security. What more can you do apart from have the strongest and most up to date locks on your doors. Well for example you can have sash jammers fitted to your upvc doors and windows or window restrictors fitted to your windows, especially on the first floor and above to prevent any accidents. Here at J G Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmiths we carry a vast array of stock and will be able to add extra security at your request. We will always recommend extra security where we feel it is needed. another one of our most popular extra security items are patio bolts, these can be fitted to sliding patio doors and are a key operated lock that will add extra strength and security to our sliding patio door. This will make it a lot harder for any potential intruders to lift or force your door out of its runners. Sash jammers are a must for upvc French doors as well these are locks fitted the the frame of the door adding extra strength and they come either as a simple pull down lock or with an extra key operated lock attached giving that extra peace of mind. These type of locks are more important coming up to hopefully the hot summer months when people will need those windows left open to let that cool breeze in, so the window restrictors will come in extremely useful and they are also key operated. Ask one of local Leicester locksmith engineers to show you one of these locks when they visit and explain exactly how they work, you will not be disappointed and I am sure you will want them fitting there and then. So for immediate attention and free advice please give us a call on 01163400131 and talk directly to a trained Leicester  locksmith and not a call centre.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Call nowFew things are more frustrating than reaching into your bag or pocket and realising you have  lost your keys and finding yourself locked out of your own home, business or office. Especially if you’re  in a hurry, nobody likes to be locked out and unable to get in. It’s hard not to feel stressed in situations like this, but there is a very easy solution just call your local Leicester locksmiths J G Locksmiths. Our fully trained engineers will gain entry to your property in no time.At J G Locksmiths, we provide fast and friendly emergency locksmith services to get you out of almost any lockout situation. No lock is too difficult for our emergency locksmith engineers.When it comes to  cylinder and mortice locks found on the majority of household doors, we are experts but we can also bypass the sort of locked or jammed UPVC doors and windows found on the majority of properties. We can also help you with locked garage door locks.

 Here at J G Locksmiths we can help you with any of the following, key cutting,cylinder locks,mortice locks,open locked doors,garage door locks,UPVC door repairs and commercial transom closers. We are an emergency locksmith company that you can rely on. We are customer focussed and professional and offer you peace of mind when it comes to your home or business security. All our Leicester locksmiths work seven days a week and are on call all day for any lock issues that you may have. We are based in the heart of Leicester and can usually attend any call within an hour. No one loses their keys deliberately so you never know when this could happen to you. It is wise to have a locksmiths phone number in your mobile contacts for events such as this so put 07846962825 into your phone today this is our Leicester locksmith emergency mobile number. You will talk directly to the locksmith engineer and not to a call centre based outside of Leicestershire.We are a localally based company offering competitive rates for a professional job and a company you can trust.

Moving Home Or Office?

Leicester locksmiths moving  How many times have you moved home in your lifetime? How many people have lived in the house you have moved into before you? How many keys do people    have that you don’t know about when you move into your new home? These are very important questions you should ask yourself when you first move into your  new home. This is a security risk and should be one of the first things that you have on your list of things to do when you move into your new home. Here at J G  Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmiths we can help you with this immediately. If you want us to attend straight away to change the locks our usual response  time is within an hour in the Leicestershire area. You could even call us before the move to get a free no obligation quote for the lock change so you know exactly  how much it will cost. You honestly never know who has keys to your new home and for peace of mind J G Locksmiths would recommend changing the locks  every time, then you know for certain you are the only person with the keys to your new home.This not only apples to domestic homes it is also important if you  are moving into new business premises to get the locks changed in order that someone cannot just let themselves in and help themselves to your property! As we  are a well established Leicester locksmith company we have fully trained staff and fully stocked vans to complete all these jobs so we can get everything done in  one go. We stock a vast variety of locking products from euro and oval cylinders to screw in cylinders and metal shutter bullet locks, digital locks electric strikes  a variety of garage locks and all the common mortice locks and night latches. Whilst we are at your new home or offices please ask us to have a look at your security and we can advise on any weaknesses and suggest any upgrades you may need. So call our Leicester locksmiths on 01163400131 for immediate attention. All our parts and labour come with a full 12  month guarantee giving you added peace of mind.

Commercial Door Issues

Here at J G LocksmCommercial door leicesteriths we have been called to such a variety of jobs whether this be domestic or commercial we have covered it. Our locksmith in Leicester have  such a vast knowledge of locks and how they work and we ensure we keep ahead of the game by updating our knowledge on a regular basis. One of the many  issues that we are called to here at J G Locksmiths are shops or businesses having trouble or issues with their metal shop front doors. With regard to this type of  door there are three main problems that we come across. Firstly the main locking cylinder malfunctioning, this is the part where you would insert the key. The  three main cylinders that we find on metal doors are the common euro cylinder, the not so common oval cylinder and then lastly the circular screw in type  cylinders. We will always have these types of cylinders on our vans so the job will always be completed first time when we attend ensuing that you will keep the  costs down. The second issue we find is with the locking case in the door. This is the part that is the cylinder fits into, these also come in a variety of shapes and  sizes and they are either dead bolts, hook bolts or simple pull back latches. Here at Leicester locksmiths again we will have this stock on our van. The last item  which many people would not associate with locksmiths are the internal transom door closers inside the metal doors. This is the part that controls the speed  the door will close safely. These will often break and here at J G Locksmiths it is something we can supply and install for you. This is a more complicated job  and generally takes two of our skilled engineers as the door has to physically come off. But rest assured we can complete this job and and all our parts and  labour is guaranteed. So if you need a quote then please don’t hesitate to contact our local locksmith in Leicester who can attend and advise you as to the best course of action for your issue.Please call J G Locksmiths on 0116 3400131 for immediate attention.

Supply & Installation Of Keysafes

Leicester locksmiths keysafe Well I’m sure there will be someone reading this who has at some point got home from work or a night out on the town and realised that they have left home earlier shutting the door behind them not realising they have left those all important keys inside! I hope that if you have done this then you would have called a trusted Leicester locksmith company such as J G Locksmiths to help gain entry to your property by non destructive methods. Many people especially with night latches fitted have smashed a window to gain entry rather than call out a trained locksmith. this is NOT cost effective. By the time you have measured up for glass and had it refitted it would cost more than a locksmith would have cost. Many people leave keys with neighbours or relatives for occasions such as this, but if like some people you do not trust doing this then maybe a hidden key-safe at your property is just for you. I know here at J G Locksmiths we have fitted several of these for people, and not just for elderly people we have fitted these for customers who have called us out more than once after being locked out. Our local Leicester engineers carry key-safes as part of their must have stock and these can come in varying sizes and styles and are push button or dial. All you need to do is remember your code to get in it and remember were you have hidden it! For advice on what type is most suitable for you or your circumstances then please call us now at J G Locksmiths for some sound impartial advice. You can be assured we will supply and fit the best key-safe for you giving you complete peace of mind that you will arrive home and always be able to get back in using a key.

Bespoke Master Key Systems

Leicester locksmith keys A master key system (also called a Master Suite system) is a perfect solution that we here at J G Locksmiths provide for offices, landlord owned multi  properties, schools and flats. Broken down in to simple terms this is a key system that is a high security bespoke locking  system where one master key  can open every  door. This is something that our Leicester locksmiths have vast knowledge of and together we can plan and build the perfect master suite  system that will suit your need.

 A good example of how this works would be in a serviced office where a number  of companies share  the building, each tenant requires a key to their  office. However, the landlord does not necessarily want to have to keep a set of hundreds of keys so that he/she can gain access to every single office.  This is now where we can come in and help you with this issue by providing a suited system.

Here at J G Locksmiths we  work out together with the landlord who needs access and  to where, and then we would design, supply  and install a Master  Suite system to the requirements agreed. Each tenant would then be given a key that allows them then to gain access only to the areas required, such as the main entrance and their own individual office within the building. The landlord’s key can open all the doors and he/she has full and total control over the system.

 These systems can be made on what we call restricted key systems, the  main benefit of this system in the above description of works is that  the tenants cannot have extra keys cut without the landlord’s permission. The keys are only registered with us, and the manufacturer so therefore they can only go through us and we would require your permission.

To find out whether a Master Suite system would be right for your situation, please call us on our Leicester number 0116 3400131 for immediate attention.

Digital Door Security

Leicester digital lock Here at J G Locksmiths we provide a variety of locking solutions whether it be for your home or office. One such locking device are mechanical or electrical digital door locks. Digital door locks provide a low cost , practical and  easy to install security solution for many situations especially  for buildings that require a reliable means of access control but where by the issuing of keys or fobs due to the sheer volume of people requiring access to the building is not practical. Our Leicester locksmiths carry a variety of digital door locks providing you with the ideal key-less solution for door entry. Due to the vast range of digital door locks on the market they offer a very effective access control solution, for example it could be for a stationary or data storage cupboard within an office environment through to a heavy duty model required on a side metal gate to a busy staff entrance on a supermarket or large business premises. One of the best reasons for fitting a digital door lock is the fact you do not have to issue hundreds of keys to staff, also if a member of staff lost a key then the lock would have to be changed and again hundreds of new keys issued and this is not at all cost effective. With a mechanical digital door lock fitted your staff would only need to memorise a code and if a member of staff leaves the company or the code is compromised just change the code as you do not need to buy a new Please call us now to talk with one of our Leicester locksmith engineers to discuss the type of digital lock that would suit your situation or door type where i is a wooden or metal door or a side gate please call us on 01163400131 now for immediate attention. If you would like us to visit site and do a full security check and offer you the best advice for security solutions just call now to book a suitable time for us to attend.

JG Locksmith Safe Advice

safe 1Here at J G Locksmiths we have  mentioned in the past the importance of your storage. Many  of our customers have a garden shed or a garage that they use  to store all their  garden equipment and tools safe and secure away from the prying eyes of potential thieves.Here at your local Leicester locksmiths we can advise and also supply and fit extra security to both to  your shed or garage in the form of specialist garage door locks or even extra hasp and staple on the shed bolted through with a high security all weather padlock. Also if you keep expensive hand tools we would also recommend fitting a separate tool safe in your garage as secondary security.

The  team here at J G Locksmiths  would now like to talk to you about  the storage inside of your home or office. Keeping your valuables such as jewellery or laptops or even passports and so forth out of sight when not used is of course a must. And something that the Leicester locksmiths team would highly recommend over all is getting a home safe fitted. This way you can keep the most valuable items in your possession hidden away out of sight and in a secure place  in your house as a safe  can be and will reduce the risk of losing these your most precious things. Should you require any advice on the type of home safe that is suitable  or if you have a small business looking to keep your takings for the day safe at closing time  do not hesitate and,  feel free to get in touch with our locksmiths Leicester  team here at J G Locksmiths.

Emergency Call Outs

don't panic image Everyone requires the services of a  locksmith at some point in their lifetime, whether it is because you have  been locked out of your home or office, lost a key or need a spare set. Here at J G Locksmiths your local  Leicester Locksmiths we have a well-established and well earned reputation in the Leicester area. We pride  ourselves on having  highly professional and skilled locksmith engineers who are polite reliable and are  customer focussed. Whatever the reason may be to find the Leicester locksmith team with you,rest assured they  will go above and beyond to ensure they provide the highest quality service no matter what.

Even if you have been locked out of your  house or office day or night, J G Locksmiths will be on hand at all times of day. As a 24/7 emergency  Leicester locksmith company, you can rely on a full range of services for commercial and residential properties. All of our engineers are experts in their fields with many  years of experience between them. What comes with every job is our guarantee of customer focus and the ability to complete the majority of jobs in one visit, this is because all our engineers carry an extensive  and up to date tool kit, specialised machinery and the ability to solve any lock issue  they may come across.

Available in and around the area, J G Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmith company  understand the need to protect your home from attack with a good quality locksmith using good quality products. If you have an emergency, all our engineers will respond immediately to any issue you may have, whether you are standing outside in the current bad weather or not!  With state of the art equipment, our Leicester  locksmiths can ensure that you will get into your home whether we have to pick the lock or gain entry and supply and fit you with a new lock and ensuring you have new keys and peace of mind.

So please do not panic if you are found in need of an emergency Leicester locksmith just call us now on 01163 400131 or call our 24  hour mobile 07846962825 for immediate attention.

Day In The Life | Locksmith Leicester

logo-(221x97) It was an early start this morning for the Leicester locksmiths team here at J G Locksmiths. It was  around 6am when the first call came in and it was a very frustrated shop keeper from the city centre who  was unfortunately locked out of their shop after the key had snapped off in the lock. We arrived on site  within 30 mins and it was only ten minutes later and the shop keeper was inside setting things up for the  start of the day, whilst our engineer fitted a set of new screw in cylinders for the metal door. We also  supplied 8 extra keys which we cut on site. It was straight from her we were off to a job booked in for 8am in wigston. This was a simple lock upgrade for a customer who wanted snap safe cylinders fitting to front and back door but they wanted both locks to have the same key. Here at Leicester locksmiths we often supply keyed alike cylinders for customers and also master suite systems for some of our commercial clients.

We managed to fit in a quick bacon cob before we were off to Groby to look at someone’s UPVC door which had jammed shut. On arrival we completed the usual tests and realised that the door mechanism had broken, which is more common than people think. Within 30 minutes our engineer had the door open and we were able to fit a new gearbox there and then, as our fully stocked Leicester locksmiths van carry the vast majority of common parts, this saving the customer time and money as no return visit was necessary. We then received a call from one of our contract clients who required an extra digital lock fitting on an admin cupboard then it was time for lunch.

From here we had a drive to an industrial estate just outside Leicester city centre to remove a jammed padlock on a delivered container. Also managed to fit in a welcome cup of coffee! From here we then had to drive back into Leicester city centre to supply and fit a new lock on the glass doors of a well visited café who had unfortunately had a set of keys vanish.

Here at Leicester locksmiths we are a well trusted and customer focussed team, who are both professional and reliable and because of this we have a lot of repeat business and recommendation’s. If you have any lock or security issue, please call for advice and a free quote.

Do You Have Insurance Approved Locks?

mortice lock

Here at J G Locksmiths we have spoken about UPVC doors and the types of locks that are suitable, now we are going to discuss the types of lever locks we can supply and fit to wooden door. Mortice locks are a very common lock and many homes and businesses around Leicestershire have these fitted.  This type of lock is operated by a turn of the key that enables a bolt to lock into the strike plate or keep that is mortised into the receiving frame. Mortice locks have to be manually locked and unlocked and provide better security than most night latches when they are attacked. Here at J G Locksmiths your local Leicester locksmiths we carry the full range of mortice locks, they generally come in three options and various sizes and finishes to suit your own individual circumstances.

The first and most basic is the 3 lever mortice lock, either dead lock or sash lock, these are generally used in low security situations and provides a basic security protection. These locks generally should be fitted to internal doors such as bedrooms, storage cupboards and any other low security internal doors. You should not use this type of lock on your main doors to your home or business as they are very low security.

5 lever mortice locks are an upgrade to the 3 lever locks. Firstly, they are higher security and more robust. Due to the increase in the number of levers the locks are higher security as they offer more key combinations. A lot of the 5 lever locks can also provide extra security features like anti pick, anti-saw bolts and boxed strike plates.

The highest rated mortice locks and the ones we at Leicester locksmiths recommend are the 5 Lever British Standard (BS) mortice locks these are rated to BS3621 and are required for external doors to a property and it is this type of lock that is generally required by insurance companies to qualify for contents insurance.  All the BS deadlocks have the anti-pick and anti-saw security features with an extended 20mm bolt throw that locks into a steel boxed security strike plate fitted to the frame. These locks also have a hardened steel plate that helps protect the levers from a drill attack they also have a security curtain that helps protect against someone picking the locks via the keyhole.
If you are not sure if you current locks are BS3621 rated for insurance then please call your Leicester locksmiths to come round to complete a free security survey and provide a free quote if work is required.

Who Has Your Keys? | Locksmtih Leicester

A bunch of keys Something that a lot of people forget about when reviewing their security is considering  when your keys were last replaced, what we at Leicester locksmiths mean by this is when  you moved into your property whether it is bought or rented did you change the locks? It is  surprising how many people do not change the locks. When you stop and think about this it  means you really have no idea who has a key to your property or even where they are. Does  this make you feel safe? I would imagine the answer is no, if this is the case then please do  not hesitate to call J G Locksmiths and we will send our local Leicester locksmith to your home to change the locks and provide you with new keys giving you the peace of mind that you need to sleep soundly at night knowing your property is secure. Also while our locksmith is onsite we can cut any extra keys you may require.

Here at J G Locksmiths we can also supply and fit a locking system that is patented, whereby keys can only be copied with proof of ownership, this means that no one can get duplicates of your key cut without your authority. Also with some systems your local key cutters cannot even get hold of the blanks to do this anyway and you can only get keys cut through us here at J G Locksmiths providing you with that added peace of mind and security.

So if you are unsure who has keys to your home or office and you would like the locks changing immediately, please call us now for immediate attention. If you live within the Leicestershire area, we aim to be with you within the hour. All of our locks that we supply and fit come with a 12 months’ parts and labour guarantee so what are you waiting for call your local Leicester locksmith engineer for a free quote now on 01163 400131 or the 24hour emergency locksmith number 07846962825.

uPVC Lock Experts | Locksmith Leicester

UPVC door LeicesterAs you may be aware nowadays the majority of doors and windows that we see are UPVC. Leicester locksmiths specialise in this type of door whether it be a simple lock change or something more complicated and frustrating like the door has jammed shut and the key and the handle are not working at all. if this is the case  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your locksmith Leicester  UPVC expert. Here at J G Locksmiths all our engineers are  highly trained and up to date  with their knowledge.Due to our fully stocked vans you’ll be able to find what you need for your UPVC doors and windows.This means that you do not need to buy a new door if the mechanism fails as here at your local Leicester locksmiths we can supply and fit new parts to get your broken door back to working order at a fraction of the cost of a new door. So no matter what door it is or what is wrong with it, please call your locksmith Leicester engineers now for immediate attention and free quote.

No matter what your lock or door issue you have please  call your locksmiths Leicester  engineer, we’re always at the end of the phone and we  happy to help, and with a friendly customer focussed service  you will  always  find the solution here.  With the vast amount of knowledge and experience our local engineers have with regard to UPVC or composite doors  your locksmith Leicester emergency engineer can and  will be able to resolve any issues you are experiencing whether it be a simple door adjustment to allow your door to lock easily or a complete change of mechanism we are the locksmiths for you.. No matter what time of day or night if you are locked out or even in! please do not hesitate to  get in touch with your locksmiths Leicester  UPVC expert  engineer who can complete all  repairs or security upgrades that you may need.

Please call now for immediate  attention 01163 400131

Genuine Local Firm | Locksmith Leicester

Do you require a good Leicester locksmith? Locksmiths are often one of those services you never think about. That is, until you need them! Whether your lock is faulty or broken, nobody wants to be left out in the unpredictable British weather. If this has happened to you then it is likely you will have the number of a local Leicester locksmith in your phone, however if you do not then as the boy scouts say “be prepared” put our number in your mobile now it is 07846962825 this is our hour emergency response number that will put you directly through to our local Leicester engineer and NOT a call centre.

Door locks are hard-working bits of equipment. Imagine how often you go in and out, particularly on a busy day. Made of many tiny and intricate parts, it might be surprising that they don’t go wrong more often.

So what causes a broken lock? As one might expect, the causes are myriad. If you can put the key in the lock but it refuses to turn, this usually means it’s seized up. The often happen because dirt or grime has got caught in the mechanism. Weather stripping can also cause a lock to break. Cold weather is another culprit; when the weather is practically sub-zero it might be best to heat your key.

Or the problem may simply lie in losing your key… Whatever your issues, don’t hesitate: just give JG Locksmiths a call today. Based in Leicester, our first class locksmith  services aim to give you complete peace of mind.

Talk directly to our locksmith engineer now if you have any lock issues in the Leicestershire area.

Are Your Locks Up To Standard?

Snap safe lockOne recent news report stated a locksmith in Brisbane has contributed to a massive crime drop. A company has so improved the various locks, burglary has dropped by 49% and property crime by 31%. That’s a quite a dramatic difference!
It goes without saying that your locks are important.Here at Leicester locksmiths it is our priority to prevent break-in attempts and to ensure that we reinforce your security, a lot of the time understandably this is taken for granted. After all, when you get home and turn the key, 9 times out of 10 times everything goes smoothly. A broken lock or lost keys are not only annoying, they cause anxieties about our security.
The same goes for our car locking system. Lost, stolen or misplaced keys hugely inconvenience anyone desperate to get home. If we end up locked out after a long tiring day, nothing is more frustrating.
For an affordable locksmiths in Leicester, don’t hesitate to contact JG Locksmiths. Whether you have faulty locks, lost or stolen keys or are simply locked out, we are keen to help. We guarantee total peace of mind every time.
If you require a 24 hour emergency service, simply call 07846 962 825.

Need A Local Locksmith?

If you need a locksmith in Leicester, you’re in the right place.
At JG Locksmiths we understand that being locked out is no laughing matter. That’s why we can be on site within just one hour. Whether you have a domestic or commercial property, our expert Leicester locksmiths will quickly help you gain access. We always use non-destructive methods where ever possible.
Based in Leicester, we work through the city and surrounding area,covering the whole of Leicestershire.
JG Locksmiths have no call-out charge, and fixed quotations are supplied before work begins. So there is no nasty surprises along the way! All our engineers are friendly and professional, regularly vetted and adhere to the National Network of Approved Locksmiths guidelines. Not only that, we give a full 12 months guarantee on any parts or labour.
Sound good? Why not get in touch today?
To contact us call 01163 400 131.

One Hour Service | Locksmith Leicester

map Leicester locksmiths Locked out? Broken lock, lost key or relocating?

 For an affordable locksmith in Leicester, pick up the phone and call JG  Locksmiths. Although a small company, our team of Leicester locksmiths are  friendly, professional and 100% trustworthy. With our 24 hour services, you will  regain access often within one hour, using non-destruction methods wherever  possible. We also have public liability insurance up to the value of £5 million.

 Our Leicester locksmiths have no call-out charge or hidden prices. All our  members are trained, vetted, carry I.D and are periodically assessed. Based in  Leicester, we’re ideal for customers anywhere in Leicestershire and we can assure you of a quick, professional and reliable service.

Our services include fixing faulty locks, dealing with lost or stolen keys, providing access control, and a master key system. JG Locksmiths are part of the NNAL (National Network of Approved Locksmith).

We won’t be beaten on price or performance.

Call today for our affordable service, 24/7.

01163 400 131.

Leicester locksmiths – Call 01163400131

Phone Leicester locksmithsNo one ever wants to be stuck outside, on a wet and windy day. A broken lock can happen at inconvenient times. Whether at 3am or 6pm, it’s always extremely stressful to be stuck outside your own home not knowing how to get in.
If you’re wondering, ‘Where can I find a local Leicester locksmith?’ you’re in the right place. Based locally J G Locksmiths offer a locksmith service to the whole of Leicestershire.
Whether your lock is faulty, broken or needs replacing, our NNAL approved team are keen to help. Prices are fixed, quoted in advance and offer great quality. We are fully certified with industry standard accreditations, which offers assurance to the public and any organisation using the services of our Leicester locksmith team.
From new properties, to older properties you can rely on the team here at J G Locksmiths to help in any lock issues that you may have,
For a quick call back, simply fill in the form on our website. We will then call you back as soon as possible.
Alternatively call our friendly Leicester locksmith engineer on 01163400131 for immediate attention.

Affordable Services

snowy_house_medLost your keys in Leicester? Or has your lock broken, and left you wandering in the garden wondering what to do? Unfortunately, locks do break and malfunction at this time of year due to the very cold weather.

With the latest snow and cold weather, nobody wants to be left outside, especially when you arrive home after a long day at work. Don’t consider climbing in the tiny bathroom window – call a high quality locksmith instead. This will ensure that it doesn’t happen again and that your locks remain fully operational.

If you are looking for an affordable Leicester locksmith you can trust and rely on contact JG Locksmiths. Night or day, we are always available for our highly valued customers, whatever your situation. Whether it’s commercial or domestic premises, our 24/7 services will guarantee you regain access quickly, efficiently and for the most affordable price.

Based in Leicester, JG Locksmiths aim to be on site within just one hour. We won’t be beaten on either price or quality, so give us a call today.
01163 400 131.

Local Security Advice

Leicester Locksmiths security lightOne of the things that your favourite Leicester locksmith service would like to remind you of is the importance of outdoor security, especially with the dark evenings. Something that that we have seen on more than one occasion is fantastic security in place for the main home or office, which is losing efficiency due to the poor outdoor area security. The reason that the Leicester locksmith team would like to bring this to your attention, is simply that keeping great up to date outdoor security sends a message to any unwanted intruders, indicating that your home or office is well protected in all areas. Plus, if the first point of entry to your property is already difficult, it is highly likely that a potential intruder would turn the other way and look for an easier target that has less chance of them getting caught in the act.

Putting up good effective outdoor lights in the darker areas of your garden, as well as ensuring that your outdoor structures are well lit is sound advice, this alone will put off most intruders. Please feel free to contact us with your enquires and our Leicester locksmith team will give you immediate attention and can answer any questions you may have.Get in touch today, and get your security up to date. Of course you can also get in touch with your Leicester locksmith home security expert should you wish to have your home or office security upgraded whether this be window or door locks or having any extra locks fitted.

Importance Of Crime Prevention

Leicester locksmiths burglarWith home and business security a priority to many home and small business owners today, it can quite easily weigh on someone’s mind and cause them to worry. Not only due to the fact that your home or business premises may be vulnerable and at risk, but also the financial implications that you may believe protection may have.

Do not worry get in touch with an experienced Leicester locksmith service today, you may come to see that a good sound security solution does not have to cost the earth! There has been great technological advances in the recent years, and with many new products on the market, competition has brought a lot of prices down. This together with the knowledge of security, which can be found in our highly trained and professional locksmiths Leicester team here, good security is something that can become a reality. Bringing you and your family peace of mind for the important things in life.

Using the correct type of security measure means, strong products by known and trusted market leaders on your doors and any vulnerable entry points, with the addition of security layers which your locksmiths Leicester company can advise you on, will add better visible deterrents therefore deterring any burglar who may be considering your home or business premises as a target. Just as an example, take good lighting in the correct places, leaving the potential intruder feeling like they are exposed and can be seen. Another important deterrent which your locksmiths Leicester company knows, and recommends for many premises and locations is CCTV, as the thought of being caught on tape or hard drive now! especially doing something which can quite easily lead to a conviction is a good deterrent for any criminal.

Around The Clock Service

24hr Leicester locksmithsLeicester Locksmiths remains one of the most used locksmiths in Leicester by always supplying and installing high quality locks and security measures to make your home as secure as possible. From UPVC repair to installing extra or replacement locks on all your windows, We always have our customers security in mind when taking on any job no matter the how big or small. Locksmiths Leicester accomplish this by completing regular training and always staying on top of the latest security measures and always offering competitive rates.

At locksmiths Leicester we have a client base that relies on us to respond around the clock. We know what it takes to service the customers professionally and promptly. We have gained popularity amongst our customers. We do not overcharge the customers. Our prices are always competitive and we have a very high customer satisfaction rate. We are always happy to help and offer our advice over the phone before visiting the customer location.

You can always rely on Leicester locksmiths to act professionally at all times providing you the customer with peace of mind. Call 01163400131 now for immediate attention.

Reliable, Professional, Insured

Guarantee Leicster locksmithOne day you may get home from a long day at work, to your beautiful lovely warm house in Leicester. As you walk up to your gate you are already dreaming of that hot cup of tea and running that lovely bath when you reach into your pocket and realise you have lost your house keys! Oh no what do you do? Well first of all DO NOT panic. You can call us here at J G Locksmiths your reliable, professional Leicester Locksmith company. We have fully trained staff and we are members of the NNAL the National Network of Approved Locksmiths. You can have peace of mind that we know exactly what we are doing and we are fully trained and fully insured. We have been in business now for over 8 years and we are still growing. This is mainly due to our fantastic customer service and we pride ourselves on doing a good job. Here at your local Leicester Locksmiths we will fully guarantee all our labour and parts for a full 12 months.
So please if you have a mobile put our 24 hour emergency Leicester Locksmith number in there right now it is 07846962825.
Put it under Leicester Locksmith in your phone and you will never have to worry about who to call.You can be guaranteed of our immediate attention.

Christmas Is Coming

J G Locksmiths being a local Leicester Locksmiths is well aware of the seasonal crime trends in the area. With Christmas rapidly approaching and the dark nights already drawing in it is a good time to check your home and business security. Being a Leicester Locksmith company we are more than happy to be called out to complete a free security survey and give you advice on upgrading and also where your home or business vulnerabilities may be. Homes are particularly vulnerable early evening time when it is dark and people are not yet home from work. Make sure you have lights on using a timer if possible. Talk with your neighbours and keep an eye on each others property. If you have the misfortune to be a victim of burglary then please call us here at your local Leicester locksmiths for immediate attention on 01163400131 and we will aim to be with you within the hour.

Bike Security | Locksmith Leicester

Leicester locksmiths have been looking into bike security and have found the following information on a exercise completed by a university.
Bike thefts have been slashed at Newcastle University simply by putting pictures of staring eyes above cycle racks.

The two-year experiment was carried out by a security manager at the campus who had seen similar studies suggest that people behave better when they feel they are being watched.

Academics found that bike racks which had eyes placed above them experienced 62 per cent fewer thefts than the previous year, while those without eyes saw thefts increase by 63 per cent.
Is this something that you feel would work here in Leicester?


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